Mon-Sat: 9am – 6pm.
Sun & PH: 10am – 3pm.

Mon-Sat: 9am – 6pm.
Sun & PH: 10am – 3pm.

Hyde Park Corner luxury stores to visit for your latest fashion pieces!

Everyone wants to get their hands on the latest trendy fashion pieces, whether it’s pants, tops, jackets, shoes or statement bags and other accessories. There are few things as enjoyable as spoiling yourself, why wouldn’t you want to after working so hard to get to where you are.

If we’re being honest, we all deserve a little retail therapy every now and then. It doesn’t have to be a big shopping spree either, just even one or two statement items can instantly shift your mood and level up your fashion game. If you’ve been thinking about treating yourself to simple, yet elegant items, we’ve rounded up at least 10 of the best luxury fashion brands and luxury fashion boutiques in Johannesburg that you should check out. Fortunately for you, they’re all on your doorstep.

Longchamp – luxury French clothing store

The iconic international brand, Longchamp, has a global reputation for having ready-to-wear collections, shoes, leather bags and accessories that any man or woman will fall in love with. Each item is perfectly crafted in France and eludes a Parisian style unlike no other brand. Combining elegance, innovation and creativity, you’ll never look back when you visit Longchamp in Hyde Park Corner.

Paul Smith – British designer fashion store

British designer, Paul Smith, made it his mission to merge traditional and modern in his designs. That’s why his women and men collections are sought-after by many. If you’re a fan of anything floral, paisley and stripes, pop by at Paul Smith in Hyde Park Corner to view and shop for any item of your choice!

Tiger of Sweden – formal fashion wear store

This Swedish formal wear brand specialises in crisp and clean-cut menswear and women’s wear collections that will have you stand out in any occasion. Tiger of Sweden in Hyde Park Corner gives you a bold service that exceeds your expectations, much like their fashion options. Visit the store for your next event.

Burberry – luxury fashion store

When Riccardo Tisci took over Burberry, he redefined what luxury meant for the brand. He merged streetwear with chic to be accessible to fashion enthusiasts who love the crossover. From ready-to-wear styles to street pieces and accessories in both men and women collections, visit Burberry in Hyde Park Corner today to join in on this iconic outerwear trend!

Emporio Armani – designer clothes store

Giorgio Armani built international fashion brands that everyone wants to be associated with. He specifically created Emporio to offer a high-end youthful fusion of clothes, shoes and accessories. If you’re in search of designer sneakers for sale, Emporio Armani in Hyde Park Corner is your go-to store.

Tessere – clothing boutique

When looking for clothing boutiques near you, it’s no surprise that Tessere instantly pops up. Why? Because it offers the finest, most exclusive formal and street style clothing, shoes and accessories. So, when you visit Tessere in Hyde Park Corner, make sure you get your hands on some trendy items to add to your wardrobe.

Denham – denim fashion store

An obsession with denim-inspired designer, Jason Denham, to start an eponymous label that offers premium quality jeans to unisex customers. As a wardrobe staple, it was inevitable that it would expand to outerwear and accessories for men and women. Whether you’re on the hunt for a new pair of jeans or looking to create the denim on denim look, Denham in Hyde Park Corner can make this happen for you.

2A – multi-brand luxury fashion store

Level up your luxury fashion game even further at 2A, where you’ll find multi-brand designer exclusives under one roof. We’re talking about well sought-after brands such as Celine, Saint Laurent, Valentino, Tom Ford, Dior Homme, Baby Dior and Christian Louboutins for all of the red bottom shoes you’ve been dying to buy. Waste no time and visit 2A in Hyde Park Corner to purchase your exclusives today!

Luminance – lifestyle boutique store

Luminance in Hyde Park Corner is a concept lifestyle boutique store, where your search for designer clothing in South Africa comes in a full circle. Luminance has made convenience a reality for customers, offering designer clothes (including local brands), outerwear, accessories and fragrances all available under one roof.

The Mansion – designer evening & formal attire

Previously Taibo Bacar, The Mansion may have rebranded, but the essence of the woman’s character remains at the core of the brand’s design inspiration. This is where your search for designer dresses for ladies comes to a halt, as you’ll be spoilt for choice at The Mansion. Sounds glamorous, right? No matter what the occasion is, be it going to the office, a work event, girl’s lunch, a dinner date or an afternoon by the pool, The Mansion in Hyde Park Corner has all the items you’ll need.