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September Issue

Fashion is more than what you buy or wear

“In fashion publishing circles, Vogue Magazine’s September Issue is the biggest and most important magazine of the year. In 2007 a film was produced around the making of Vogue Magazines September Issue and depicts the team’s creative effort and passion that goes into its creation and publication.

In similar fashion, Hyde Park Corner is launched a bespoke publication that showcases the expertise and keen sense of fashion and design of top industry players in South Africa and internationally, whilst celebrating the new season in consummate style.”

Jackie Burger 19/8/2015

The content of September Issue has a strong focus on top international trends in fashion, food, travel, beauty, décor, watches, jewellery, and arts and culture, all within a glossy, sleek editorial context.

Hyde Park Corner has positioned itself as the hub for specialised shopping — a sought-after, luxury retail destination — so it therefore made sense to extend this unique offering to a much broader audience by producing a magazine specifically in September. Globally, this is the month in which all publications publish their biggest fashion issues.

Hyde Park Corner’s publication, September Issue, is the brainchild of Marketing Manager Michael Wilson and Publicist Jillian Grogor, owner of Zebra Sqaure PR & Events.

Together they share a strong sense of passion and innovation in the realm of retail marketing and have collaborated with a dynamic editorial team from leading content producers, The Publishing Partnership, to produce a bespoke publication.

The magazine nurtures the continued importance of dialogue across the stakeholders of the industry, retail, design and you, the readers, who will enjoy a carefully curated visual narrative, which threads back to the 150 specialty stores and over 500 international brands that are based at Hyde Park Corner.

The distribution has been increased to 15 000 copies that are distributed to South Africa’s most affluent neighbourhoods, private banking databases, clubs and Hyde Park Corner’s VIP customers.

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September Issue

Available at the Concierge desk from 1 September