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A History of Quality

The suburb of Hyde Park in Johannesburg is named after London's esteemed Hyde Park area, and enjoys the same associations of prestige as its London counterpart.

Hyde Park was declared a residential area in 1955, and has since become home to the top echelons of South African society. Its tree-lined streets and multi-acre estates- with large and luxurious historic homes- live side-by-side with their more modern security estate neighbours.

Hyde Park Corner was the first fully enclosed decentralized shopping centre in South Africa when it opened in 1969. In this sense, it is the Grande Dame of South African retail. Yet, Hyde Park Corner has since evolved -through a series of considered updates- to consistently meet the aspirations of the modern high-end shopper, whilst sustaining its renowned understated sophistication. Through this process, the centre has matured from the trendsetter that it was in 1969 to the definitive standard for fashion-conscious boutique shopping that it is today.

Light, spacious and welcoming, the centre's rich legacy and timeless European elegance remains a huge draw card for local and international visitors. The recent opening of the Cortina Fashion Court at Hyde Park Corner bears testimony to its flair for securing a distinguished blend of exclusive international fashion icons and further advances its prestigious reputation.

Hyde Park Corner is the quintessential 'destination centre' for discerning shoppers, housing more luxury brands than anywhere else in Africa. In this sense it is not only Johannesburg's foremost international brand destination, but Africa's centre of luxury.

A History of Quality