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Where to Brunch and Lunch at Hyde Park Corner

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There's nothing more comforting and satisfying than food, and whether you're feeling peckish after a long hard shop or it's almost time for lunch and you're practically ravenous, Hyde Park Corner has a wide variety of foodie must-tries to grab a table at. 

From insatiable international cooking to eclectic, vibrant local cuisine, South African cooking is anything but static. Hyde Park Corner offers foodies variety.

Out-Of-the-Box Eateries 

Try something whimsical, other-worldly and imaginative – reserve your seat for a special occasion with family and friends or feast and fill up before a long Sunday snooze. 

Kol Izakhaya 

Embark on a unique sensory awakening at Kol Izakhaya. Sip and savour a menu fueled by the art of cooking over coals, a flavour profile present in all of their mouthwatering creations and fragrances.

Immerse yourself in coal-mastery theatre, sushi artistry, and masterful mixology for a truly gastronomic experience, bite after bite and sip after sip.

Kol Izakhaya is an intersection between Japanese and local cuisine – nothing short of different, creative and pallet-pleasingly unique.

Just Teddy

Like Alice falling into Wonderland, step into the world of luxury pâtisserie when you visit Just Teddy

Melt-in-the-mouth delights infused with tastes of foreign shores – perfumed with rose water, dates, za'atar and silky smooth éclairs delicately dressed in translucent pastels make up the hallmark savoir-faire of Just Teddy. 

One that sings in world-class pâtisserie and boulangerie, the finest confectionary creations, and luxury cafe dining. 

A post-shop lunch at Just Teddy will feel like a treat!

Must Brunch 

Where does brunch come from? Well, the history is a little murky, as is the case with many culinary customs. According to some food historians, the meal's origins can be found in England's extravagant multi-course hunt breakfasts, which included a buffet of delicacies like chicken livers, eggs, meats, bacon, fresh fruit, and sweets. 

Others claim that the tradition of Sunday brunch evolved from the way that Catholics used to fast before mass before sitting down to a substantial midday meal. 

Then there are those who link the history of iconic brunch dishes like eggs Benedict and bagels to New York's diverse dining establishments.

Wherever it comes from, we're thankful for the perfect champagne to orange juice ratio, plump, soft eggs, strong coffee, and heavenly confectionery. Brunch is the avid shoppers' favourite kind of refuel. Add these breakfast restaurants in Sandton to your brunch bucket list. 

Woolworths Cafe

Speaking of eggs, WCafe has their eggs benedict down pat – is it really brunch without eggs benedict? Perfectly poached eggs and creamy hollandaise are accompanied by freshly baked cakes, crispy waffles with indulgent ice cream and even the strongest coffee for every craving. 

With the signature Woolies quality you know and love infused in their coffee and confectionary, this is our number one pick for a simple mid-morning pick-me-up.  

Le Parc By Tasha’s 

Look at brunch completely differently from a table at Le Parc by Tasha's. As if plucked from the streets of Paris and the pages of romance novels, Le Parc is a one-of-a-kind, world-within-a-world combining the feel of Parisian-styled cafes and flower markets with patissêrie delights and delicious plates.  

Le Parc Food Emporium is one of the best outdoor restaurants in Sandton and also provides a hand-picked assortment of exquisite home and tableware, excellent coffee-table literature, deli delicacies, as well as a variety of daily baked breads, pastries, and cakes.

It is nothing short of magical and other-worldly! 

Just Teddy

Nothing says brunch more than luxurious and sumptuous cafes. Sample the very best in luxury cafè dining from a table at Just Teddy

The Zaki family has developed a harmonic combination of patisseries and confectionary creations that skilfully take those who are fortunate enough to taste them on a spectacular foodie experience.

Serving up a reinvention of heritage haute cuisine by amalgamating Parisian flair with Middle Eastern flavour for a dining experience unlike any other, Just Teddy is a definite brunch bucket list essential.

Olives & Plates 

Savour sophisticated elegance at Olives & Plates in Hyde Park Corner. From crystal-cut glasses to deliciously well-thought-out plates and breathtaking views, it makes for an unmatched dining experience trifecta. 

Nestled amongst the pages of a thousand books, famous for its alfresco table and cocktail bar, Olives & Plates is a brunch must-try. 

Top Picks For Lunch On The Go 

Red Chamber and So Yum

If Asian is what you feel for, take your pick between an authentic Mandarin dining experience at Red Chamber or ready your chopsticks for Asian classics like sweet and sour pork or dim sum at So Yum. Choose from larger, more hearty meals or small plates to share with family and friends. 

Butter Up A Business Deal

In around 1979, the "power lunch", a phrase coined by Lee Eisenberg, the editor-in-chief of Esquire Magazine at the time, was developed. Lunch was on the clock, making going out for a sit-down lunch a status signal. 

The tradition has filtered down through the years and is still a sign of status today. 

Johannesburg is a business hub, one that sparkles at night and one where deals are done from sunrise to sunset. The business lunch staple plays a vital role in helping to develop relationships with customers, close deals, and generate sales.

Wine and dine clients at one of these restaurants and seal your next deal at Hyde Park Corner. 

Olives & Plates

Treat your clients to a tasty lunch with a splash of elegance at Olives & Plates. Artful plates and well-considered drinks pairings against the backdrop of books and the most breathtaking views make this the perfect power lunch must-try.

Kol Izakhaya

Seal the deal with a unique sensory food experience sure to wow your clients. Coal-mastery theatre, sushi artistry, and masterful mixology are front and centre in Kol Izakhaya's coal-infused offering.  

Kol Izakhaya is a seamless intersection between Japanese and local cuisine cooked over coals – a truly unique and theatrical experience. 

Leave Room for Dessert 

No matter where you're lunching or brunching, finish off on a sweet note. Indulge in some Danish delights with delicious licorice from Lakrids. For something sweet with a healthy twist, grab yourself a selection of dried fruits and nuts at The Nut Lady. Be sure to top your meal off with a sweet treat, a killer cuppa, or take home a tail-wagging delight for your doggo. 

Final Thoughts 

Whether for business or pleasure, indulge in Hyde Park Corners' foodie culture and satisfy your culinary cravings bite after bite. If you're looking for a great place to have your dinner, check out some of our fav nighttime spots at Hydepark Corner. 


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