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Unique Experiences That Boost Your Emotional Well-Being

TIPS AND TRICKS  |  JUN 29, 2022


The shopping centre space has changed quite a bit in the last few years. Thanks to the pandemic, budgets have been stretched rather thin and according to The Lancet, "depressive and anxiety disorders increased" and hit an all-time high.

As a result, in order to stay alive and encourage footfall, shopping malls changed tactics by adopting the retail-tainment concept. This means that all forms of entertainment centres or activities can be combined with the traditional shopping experience. As a result, there are more reasons than ever for shoppers to spend time in malls.

Although the COVID-19 pandemic has been globally devastating, there have been many benefits like the promotion of healthy living. They say that fresh air, staying active and eating healthy are great for your mental health. Although that may be true, trawling shopping centres and spending hours shopping has gotten a bit of a bad rep for being not-so-healthy but is that really the case?

Tickle Your Retail Therapy Fancy 

Retail therapy has the power to make you instantly happy and combat lingering depression, according to a 2014 study published in the Journal of Consumer Psychology. Shopping and choosing what to buy might strengthen our perception of our own environmental control. 

From diamonds to decor, fashion and foodie must-haves, satisfy your retail therapy needs in one of Hyde Park Corner’s luxury retail stores.

Let 2A dress you and your loved ones with style and ease in brands from all over the world; from clothes to shoes, handbags and accessories, there's something for everyone, no matter the age. Then pop into Browns Diamond Store for a sparkle and cut in the style of your choice.

Give up your old, wonky pot and fill your kitchen cabinets with Le Creuset's highly-durable, chip-resistant cookware in a host of deep, rich colours. A premium French brand meticulously manufactured for bold culinary undertakings and confectionary delights.

Then, choose from an array of luxurious gifts for someone special at Wish Collection. From silky, cotton-rich linens to cut crystal, chocolate, heavenly scented candles and more – there's a spoil for everyone in-store. 

Forget The Moon; We’ve Got The Stars

The tendency to repress emotions can be neutralised by watching films because they frequently convey concepts through emotion rather than intellect. According to Birgit Wolz, a psychologist focusing on movies as therapy, this can serve as an emotional release. 

Get your next serotonin boost when you spend an hour to two seated among the stars in one of Johannesburg's movie theatres. From big blockbuster movies to local productions, heart-wrenching romances, and adrenaline-packed action films, there's a genre for every moviegoer. 

There's nothing quite like sinking into a Nu Metro seat, freshly popped popcorn in hand and being whisked away on a surround sound, high-definition cinematic experience. 

View trailers and book your tickets online or at Hyde Park Corner Nu Metro

Save The Date 

Better communication, deeper affection and gratitude for one another, and a desire to spend more time together are all traits of partnerships that include date evenings. Couples can return to their essential conversations without interruptions after a date night by enjoying some much-needed amusement.

Especially once you've settled down and are saddled with children, it can become quite challenging to see beyond kid-centric outings. Still, we promise there are fun things to do in Johannesburg for adults. 

If you and your partner are fine art lovers, collectors, or connoisseurs, add Cherie De Villiers Fine Art Gallery to the list. With some of the most amazing art pieces from talented artists in and around South Africa and the diaspora, take a stroll through Cherie De Villiers Fine Art Gallery for a day date you're sure to enjoy. Visit Charles Craig for beautiful pieces to decorate your home, office, or studio. 

Afterwards, be sure to grab a table at Le Parc by Tasha's, a one-of-a-kind, world-within-a-world certain to take you to the chic cafés and renowned food and flower markets of Paris right in the middle of Hyde Park Corner.

Snuggle up in one of the Exclusive Books reading nooks and turn a page or two together. From the classics like Plath and Bronte to best sellers and upcoming authors – bookmark this day date idea for a rainy morning.  

Top it off with a visit to Just Teddy and sample cafe dining at its finest. Serving up a reinvention of heritage haute cuisine by amalgamating Parisian flair with Middle Eastern flavour for a luxury cafe dining experience unlike any other. 

Start your engines, and satisfy your partner's petrol head with a visit to Zebra Square Gallery. No, it's not another art gallery, but a collection of classic cars, future classics, and supercars certain to make your motor dreams a reality.

Climb Outside Of The Box And Try Something New 

Our emotional well-being benefits from new experiences. We experience a dopamine rush when we try new things, which makes us feel good and exhilarated.

So, shake off the fear and do something you haven't done before.

Embark on a sensory, uniquely gastronomic journey at Kol Izakhaya! Sip and savour coal-mastery theatre, sushi artistry, and masterful mixology in a vibrant dining experience when you visit the sought-after Hyde Park Corner eatery. 

Find and mix your bespoke fragrance at Haute Parfumerie. The very first perfume bar to open in South Africa promises to be a scent-ilatingly unique experience.

For all the whisky lovers, visit Whisky Brother & co for a mature range of whisky and other spirits that will have you feeling like you're drinking 'the water of life'. 

Also, be sure to check out the Hyde Park Corner Corner calendar for any upcoming fun activities in Johannesburg.

Kid-Approved Activities 

In the same way, shopping allows you to blow off steam; a little break from the tots couldn't hurt too. Luckily there are lots of fun family activities in Sandton, particularly at Hyde Park Corner. Draw straws with your partner to see whose turn it is to wrangle the little ones. 

With a full events calendar jam-packed with mayhem with the Minions to Ferrari displays, annual school holiday events to keep the kids busy and more – there's something for all ages to enjoy. 

Our regularly scheduled kid's events become a hive of activity, keeping your kiddos entertained. Check out the Hyde Park Corner Corner calendar for upcoming fun family events in Johannesburg

Final Thoughts

Like all things in life, the key is balance. In order to benefit from the dopamine boosters that shopping centres with their attractions, activities, stores and food stalls have to offer, be sure to check in with yourself. Is this activity becoming an unhealthy coping mechanism? Or is it a great way to blow off some steam every once in a while?

Check out our niche fashion and dinner date blogs for more retail therapy experiences! 

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