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So, you’ve gone from making fitness your new year’s resolution to making it part of your daily or weekly routine. The time has come to turn it up a notch, sign up for a race or class, and elevate your fitness life. Let’s take a look at some tips to keep at it, and which stores at Hyde Park Corner are great to partner with when looking for that workout wardrobe. 

First; Be Realistic 

Oftentimes, people tend to have fitness goals set up, and a plan on how to achieve these goals. What we do not factor in is that life happens, and our priorities chop and change almost all the time. Some realistic ways to approach your fitness goals are: 

  • Ditch the ‘all or nothing’ mentality: Don’t let missing one workout session throw you off the wagon. Life happens, and things get in the way, so ensure that you commit long term to your goals and don’t throw in the towel at the slightest inconvenience. 
  • Small wins matter: The author of one of the best-selling books, Atomic Habits, James Clear, breaks down how performing one percent of tasks daily to aid in a goal is much more helpful than trying to do one big task to achieve your goals. Take your workouts and training a day at a time and focus on completing the workout rather than achieving your desired fitness goal. 
  • Remember your why: When the excitement to start your fitness journey wears off and you find it to be a bit of a drag to get out of bed and do a set, remind yourself why you started. It is advisable to write down your goals so you can keep revisiting them as and when you need to remember why you started. 
  • Accountability partners are real, find one: if you have a close family or friend who also wants to get into fitness and has their own goals, form a buddy duo or group. Keep each other accountable and send daily records of your workouts. This will keep you motivated. 
  • Never compare yourself to others: Especially if you workout at a gym, you may find yourself feeling threatened by other trainers and what they do. Remember your goals and why you are there, and do not compare yourself. 

Explore Other Avenues 

Do you normally workout in the gym or are you a runner? Maybe try some hiking, swimming, or even trail running if you are a roadie to introduce yourself to new goals and milestones in your fitness journey. You can visit Hyde Park Corner’s Cape Union Mart and shop some hiking essentials to boost your nature fitness side, and if you want to upgrade your camping vibe, they have everything you need to take your camping experience to the next level. 

Look The Part With Ease 

We all know fitness gear also contributes to committing to your fitness goals, so if you are looking for clothing that will get you excited for your next set or mile, visit Alchemy at Hyde Park Corner. Here you can shop all your fitness essentials and clothes, and make the gym your runway while you conquer your list of goals. 

Remember To Fill Up Good 

Energy is one of the main things needed to complete a workout. And it comes from a filling meal, supplements that help keep you energised, and consistent routines to help you relax, stretch, and recoup. You need to maintain a great diet suitable to you and pop by Clicks at Hyde Park Corner to get some supplements to help you stay sharp and healthy. From vitamins to energy drinks, and consistency in your routines, everything will work together to give you the best results. 

Stay Surrounded By Inspiration 

Create a vision board, befriend gym goers, and always remind yourself to keep motivated in order to achieve your goals. When you look at working out as a means to maintain a balanced life rather than a mission to complete, you stand a better chance at enjoying yourself. So, download those motivational quotes, print them out and have them where you can see them. Keep track of your development to show yourself how far you’ve come. Often people cannot see the change until they look at old pictures compared to recent ones, so shoot yourself daily and record your progress. 

Visit these Hyde Park Corner sports and fitness shops, and use our tips on activities to keep fit and achieve all your fitness goals. The staff at our shops will help out any way they can so you can get that #fitlife going strong. See what we did there?

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