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They say local is lekker, but why is shopping local important, and how does it impact our economy?

Most likely, you've heard that food produced locally is superior. Better for the environment, the community, and the product's transparency. 

But does the same rule hold true for clothing? Is it preferable to purchase clothing that was made locally as opposed to clothing that was made abroad?

What Does “Locally Made” Mean? 

Start with the phrase "locally," which designates a specific region. When we refer to anything as being locally manufactured, we mean that it was produced in that region. Locally typically refers to where you currently reside.

This implies that something that may be locally produced in one location may not be in another. Thus, discussing locally produced clothing can be a little challenging.

What Makes Shopping Local Better? 

So, are garments produced locally superior? It depends on the angle you choose to view it from, just like anything else. Purchasing products that are produced locally has many benefits. 

Here are our top picks for local shopping pluses: 

Shopping Local Lowers Your Carbon Footprint 

Yes, you read correctly; shopping locally reduces your impact on the environment. Typically local businesses make more local purchases, and because those purchases are local, they require less transport or freight. 

Additionally, they frequently locate their businesses near town or city centres, which results in generally less sprawl, traffic, and habitat loss.

Local Purchases Support Your Community 

You immediately support your neighbourhood by shopping locally. The money you spend is pumped back into your town, city, or suburb supporting growth. 

It Creates Local Jobs 

Local businesses create jobs for locals. It's that simple. By supporting local businesses, you're helping your local economy.

Local Businesses Offer A More Personal Service 

Independent businesses are governed by people, not boards or stockholders, so you'll probably get to know them, which is another fantastic thing about them. These people frequently have fascinating tales about how their businesses got started and about the neighbourhood you live in, like family-run store owners. 

In smaller, local businesses, you'll typically discover that the customer service is considerably superior. You'll note that customer service is everything to store owners and their families, especially when interacting with them personally, as this is what will keep their customers coming back for more.

Local Shopping Encourages Innovation 

The majority of the time, creative and innovative centres are local businesses. After all, they only exist because someone or many people had the notion to create them. Just observe the cafe and coffee industry. There are always new local hotspots opening up that are attempting to be unique, and these concepts should not be undervalued.

You never know, the owner of your neighbourhood shop might be a businessperson who is on the verge of creating the Next Big Thing. By supporting them, you are assisting their inventiveness and originality.

Local Shops Are Often In Walking Distance 

Shopping locally also reduces your carbon footprint because many of these stores are within walking distance of one another. To reduce the amount of pollution your car would be producing, leave it at home and ride your bike or take a leisurely stroll to your neighbourhood store.

Local Brands To Support At Hyde Park Corner 

Cape Union Mart 

Brave the great outdoors and embark on adventures from the river bed to the mountain top when you visit Cape Union Mart. Whatever your outdoor activity calls for, from camping gear to watches, go-pros, thermal wear, boots and more, you'll find local and international brands galore in-store.


From the creators of Cape Union Mart and all things outdoors, discover Poetry. The expressive, emotive and distinctive literary style is almost echoed in the flowing and form-fitting garments. Shop contemporary and timeless women's wear, scarves, jewellery, leisure wear and homeware at one of the top ladies' clothing stores in Sandton

Mccullagh & Bothwell 

Shop McCullagh & Bothwell for school clothes and shoes in Johannesburg. Locally made blazers, shirts, skirts, shorts and trousers for children from foundation phase through matric have been a staple at their 1896 family-founded and -operated business. Not only do they value good quality and value for money, but McCullagh & Bothwell has also been a source of local job creation since its inception. 

Nicci Boutique

Since 1992, Nicci has come to be known for its cutting-edge contemporary clothing, bags, shoes, and accessories that are carefully chosen from the world's fashion hubs. Hiring locally and supporting local designers since the foundation of the store, Nicci boutique supports local economic growth. 

Tiaan Nagel 

Tiaan Nagel turns clothing into a craft by providing style advice, bespoke fabric selection, skilled fittings, and personalisation. Considered the epicentre of vibrance, culture, and local creations at Hyde Park Corner – support local and add something unique to your wardrobe. 

Tshepo Jeans 

Tshepo Mohlala founded Tshepo Jeans, a handmade denim company that embodies South African flair and is hip, bright, and eclectic. It's one of the more culturally diverse and hip clothing stores in Johannesburg and a must-visit destination for jeans, accessories, and more. 


Shop multi-brand accessories, trendy apparel, shoes and jeans in Johannesburg at Luminance. Choose from a range of international and locally sourced products of the highest calibre certain to suit your lifestyle. 

Final Thoughts 

Purchasing things that are made locally has many benefits. The benefits of buying clothing made in your city or nation of residency can be summed up by phrases like sustainability, economic growth, and transparency. Make your mark by supporting local and luxury fashion when you visit Hyde Park Corner.

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