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Planning a Family Gathering? Use These Tips



Is it time for you and your family to start gathering to celebrate some wins, birthdays, holidays, or just because? At Hyde Park Corner, we have the right stores to help you prepare to plan and host a family event like no other. Let’s take a look at some tips to ensure the planning doesn’t take its toll, and fun, out of you. 

First Things First; Ask Your Attendees For Input 

If you are hosting the family gathering at your home, it will alleviate the stress of finding a venue. You can focus on setting a date, and what people will be feasting on, and which activities they will be enjoying. Because we all have different priorities and commitments, and you want your gathering to be a success, it is worth considering creating a survey/questionnaire for your attendees to choose date (s) they are most comfortable with. While not everyone will agree on one date (or maybe they will, you never know), the majority will dictate which is a more convenient time to host. 

While you are already giving your attendees a moment to choose the date, squeeze in a menu survey too. Ask your attendees what they feel is best, especially if you haven’t changed the gathering menu in a while, it will be a thoughtful surprise to everyone. If there are any new dietary requirements, it could seem thoughtful to consider their preference when choosing the menu.  

If you need to update your pc, laptop, phone, or any tech device you will be using to create your questionnaire, simply pop by Gadget Paradise and all your tech woes will be a thing of the past. 

Ask For Help; Recruit, and Delegate 

A party planning committee is probably the best thing you will ever do for you and your guests. Planning a gathering is no easy feat, and if you have a few people in the family that are keen and you know will deliver, consider using their services. Some of the departments you can create and fill for you party planning committee include: 

  • Finance: This person will handle the budget of the gathering. They will ensure you stay on budget, and keep a record of all purchases. 
  • Location/Lodging: If you are looking for accommodation, this person will source options, their prices, and how you will get there. 
  • Food: Too many cooks in the kitchen will be a bit much, especially if you let them all talk to you and your team. Delegate one person to curate the perfect and most wholesome dishes for everyone, or one who can handle any of the people responsible for bringing dishes if your gathering is the kind where your guests need to bring something. 
  • Correspondence: Who is going to be engaging with the guests for questions and clarity before the event? Nominate someone for this role. This person will also handle reservations. 
  • Entertainment: This person will be responsible for ensuring the guests have a good time. 

Let Them Eat Cake…And Other Sweeties 

A gathering with a little sweetness is sure to win your guests’ hearts. Make a stop at Hyde Park Corner’s Just Teddy, and shop some delicious, creative, and colourful creations. From cakes to macaroons, to High Tea Boxes, your guests will love all the treats even those that are vegan or vegetarian. Speaking of High Tea, Just Teddy has a High Tea offering in their Hyde Park Corner store/restaurant. You can treat your party planning committee to a brunch to celebrate the success of your gathering or simply woo them into agreeing to be part of the committee. 

If you want to create gift bags with something unique, try Lakrids’ authentically Danish liquorice. Your guests will simply fall in love. 

Get The Basics, From The Best 

Planning a family gathering may mean you will need groceries, new plates and cups, and even basic first aid essentials. It is better to have them and not need them. So, visit Clicks and PicknPay in Hyde Park Corner to shop some essential groceries and basics so that your guests are well taken care of across the board. 

Remember To Also Enjoy Yourself 

When planning a family gathering, the host(s) often forget about themselves. Don’t fall into that trap. Your party planning committee is there to help you lessen the load of responsibilities, so make sure you finish everything before the party so that you get to enjoy yourself and create memories with loved ones. With Hyde Park Corner by your side, you are guaranteed to ease off some things so that the event becomes a success.

Final Words

Whether you are planning a family holiday, birthday party, or graduate dinner, these Hyde Park essential and specialty stores will help you plan the perfect occasion to wow your family, friends, and yourself. See you soon. 

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