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Alongside the juggernaut, mass market, is its smaller but equally as effective sibling; niche market. A niche market in the world of fashion refers to a small subgroup of consumers who have specific tastes in terms of quality, price, and quantity. 

In essence, your clients will want a specific style of clothing item and a limited amount of suppliers. 

As a brand, there are pros and cons to falling into and embracing a niche.

The Perks Of Choosing The Niche Fashion Market For Your Brand 

Whether you’re an avid shopper simply looking to understand the niche fashion market or a small brand starting out, there are perks to the market that you may not have heard about. 

They're Flexible 

You are free to invest as much time as you choose in the company. If you like the job and have some prior experience, you can start small and manage every part of the business on your own.

And Scalable 

New features, products, and services will always be needed for your business as businesses and procedures evolve daily. You can use a variety of pricing structures and business approaches to appeal to a wide range of customers with a clothing niche.

It's Easier to 'Impulse Buy' 

You can greatly improve your chances of convincing customers to make an immediate purchase by just changing your price, positioning, packaging, and marketing strategies in a niche market for clothing.

Experience? What Experience? 

A clothes niche business requires little expertise, no formal education, and no degrees. In order to succeed, you must work hard, have ambition, and be able to accomplish perfection.

There Is A Bank Of Resources To Utilise 

When you launch an online clothes business in a niche market, you can find a plethora of information and resources to reference for the ins and outs (Facebook groups, Youtube videos, Starter Story, etc.). This supports the launch of your business and provides all the information you need to move forward.

It May Be Easier To Make Your Brand Instantly Recognisable 

Even with a strong USP, it gets harder and harder for new brands to stand out in the competitive market. With a distinctive demographic or apparel niche, you can set yourself apart from the other shops in your neighbourhood.

The Cons Are Few And Far Between 

The Market Is Much Smaller 

Your target audience would undoubtedly be smaller if you stayed in the speciality. Your conversions will rise dramatically, though, if you take a leap into the niche. Remember to always compare the outcomes of your broad speciality with those of your sub-niche to see if you are doing well or not. 

Your ROI May Be Lower 

Working in more specialised fields will undoubtedly affect your investment return, but you should confirm this. You need to check more closely because conversion gains could potentially result in lower advertising costs.

Where To Shop Niche Fashion At Hyde Park Corner 

Cross-compare your brand with these niche fashion stores or support specialised brands when you next visit the centre.

Tshepo Jeans 

A bespoke denim house brought to life by Tshepo Mohlala, Tshepo Jeans is a trendy, vibrant and eclectic brand steeped in South African flare. One of the more culture-rich clothing stores in Sandton, it's a must-visit for jeans, accessories, and more. 


When it comes to luxury fashions from all over the world, look no further than 2A. Choose a high-quality, value-for-money brand from fashion-forward garments to shoes, accessories, and more.


Denham approaches denim designing with enthusiasm, ingenuity, and respect for heritage, all while drawing inspiration from the pioneering spirit of the original blue jeans. Get the perfect fit at the denim experts when you visit Hyde Park Corner.

Scotch & Soda

Soak up an authentically Amsterdam aesthetic at Scotch & Soda in Hyde Park Corner. Pick out key, high-quality pieces that echo the city's longstanding reputation for liberalism. Home to Van Gogh and a vibrant and edgy nightlife, this brand's forward-thinking aesthetic is a perfect fit. 

Emporio Armani

One of the top designer clothing stores in Sandton, Emporio Armani, offers trendy, modern, cutting-edge designs, fashion and accessories. Shop the same high fashion luxury at a lower price tag than the main brand. 


Tessera brings Italian men's & women's couture to your doorstep. Simple and sophisticated with brands like Kiton, Kired, Sartorio, Svevo, Marco Pescarolo and more on offer. Add a signature piece or two to your wardrobe. 

Tiger Of Sweden

Discover the stylish sophistication of this Stockholm-based design brand. From luxury men's shoe brands to chic women's fashions, Tiger of Sweden ensures the wearer exudes poise and confidence. Browse their range of clothing, footwear, and accessories when you're next at Hyde Park Corner. 


Refresh your look with Burberry – take advantage of one of London's most luxurious fashion designers available in Johannesburg. Choose from quality staple pieces like trench coats, leather goods, shoes, accessories, eyewear, perfume, and cosmetics in this must-visit store.


Find an elegant, sophisticated and comfortable Alchemy loungewear and athletic wear fit. Shop a range of women's leggings and pants, jumpsuits, knitwear, accessories, and more for every shape and size. 

Bon Ami 

No outfit is complete without a visit to Bon Ami. From bottoms and tops to leggings, denim, accessories and more, the store is filled to the brim with the item your look is lacking. 

Paul Smith 

Tap into the chic and edgy British fashion offering of Paul Smith in Hyde Park Corner. Add something different to your wardrobe – a pop of colour, a vibrant pattern, or an interesting silhouette. Choose from a range of designer men's and women's wear, footwear, accessories, and more from one of Britain's foremost fashion houses.


There is no shortage of niche luxury brands to choose from at Hyde Park Corner, and Luminance definitely fits the bill. Shop men's contemporary fashion and lifestyle multi-brand accessories and garments of world-class quality and beauty.


Established in 2007, Shankara introduced a crossover of chic and street fashion to South Africa. Each piece is carefully chosen by hand, high-quality and on-trend. Express your style and individuality confidently when you shop their exclusive range. 

Final Thoughts 

As a brand looking to target a niche fashion market, taking the leap forward in this kind of industry sets you apart from bigger, mass-produced fashion brands. It creates a sense of individuality for your consumers. It allows you to build a recognisable brand and a customer base loyal to that brand. As a consumer, consider that supporting niche fashion brands is essential for their survival. These stores offer a variety of unique, often hand-made and high-quality products at specific price points. They're perfect for vibrant, quirky accessories and staples or classics made to last.  Check out more fashion blogs if you're looking for luxury style inspo, local fashion stores or to read up on the latest fashion tea!  

Check out more of our fashion blogs if you're looking for luxury style inspolocal fashion stores or to read up on the latest fashion tea!  

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