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Men's Fashion and Grooming Tips With Hyde Park

NEW  |  JUN 20, 2023


Times are evolving, and the way we take care of ourselves has evolved too. Take grooming, for example, which has become something that is not just meant for women, but men too. How we take care of ourselves and present ourselves has become pivotal, making grooming tips feel like gemstones worth collecting. In this article, we will take a look at men’s grooming tips and tricks, as well as fashion stores for men who want to give their wardrobe and grooming kit a boost. 

First, Don’t Skip Skincare 

Taking care of your skin is not only important for how you will appear to others but is also beneficial to your skin’s ageing and development. The earliest you can identify your skin type as well as problem areas, the better it will be for you to take care of it. Once you know your skin type, you will be able to shop for the right products. Remember, the basic skincare routine to follow is to start with a cleanser, followed by a toner, then some serums and oils, then moisturiser, and to top it all off…sunscreen – and yes, even in winter, and even when there’s no sun. If you are looking for skincare products and services to care for your face and beard, Sorbet Man at Hyde Park Corner offers a range of services to give you the glow you need. Sorbet Man also offers services like haircuts, care and colouring, manicures, pedicures, and shaving. You can also get a combo to get that full glow without breaking the bank. Take advantage of Sorbet Man today and become a cut above the rest. 

Speaking of Cutting 

Nothing gives a man an instant glow than a fresh haircut or a well-done fade. And we all know guys have rather… interesting and complex relationships with their barbers, which makes finding the right one very important. Visit Chris For Men in Hyde Park Corner and get your cut on. Who knows? You might walk out of there having signed a bro-code agreement with a barber to make them yours. 

Franco International is another great place to get your cut on. They offer hairstyling, colouring, or smoothing, men’s cuts, trimming, and grooming that will take you from ‘I don’t know what to do with my hair’ to "My hair looks amazing" in no time. 

Secondly, Let’s Get Your Scent 

Part of grooming means you have to figure out a perfume or cologne you like and prefer. Invest in colognes, perfumes, and aftershaves to accentuate your natural aroma. Your confidence will increase when you smell nice when you meet people, and you may even select your trademark perfume for special events. However, because the goal is to smell pleasant rather than knock other people out of the room, you should use the colognes sparingly. Instead of having too many smells, it is best to spend your time selecting one or two that people can identify with. Additionally, you may purchase perfumes appropriate for each season. Visit Mont Blanc in Hyde Park Corner and shop from their range of scents with names such as Legend, Emblem, Signature, and Explorer. Their offerings will leave you spoiled with choice, and you can compliment your new cologne with a wallet or cardholder, a watch, a belt or any accessory you may want to add to your wardrobe. 

And Now For The Fashion 

Men’s fashion has evolved with time, offering men the opportunity to explore their options in terms of cuts, colours, fits, and more. Gone are the days when men just wore whatever was available; now, male fashion is taken seriously with lots of developments like slim-fit cuts, adding pops of colour to an outfit, and accessorising with things like bags and sunglasses. 

While fashion evolves, one of the most timeless pieces of clothing one can ever own is a pair of jeans. Tshepo Jeans in Hyde Park Corner understands this. As a lifestyle brand founded in South Africa, Tshepo Jeans offers a range of bespoke denim clothing and ready-to-wear products. Why denim? The owner and creator of the brand says it is “due to its distinctly nostalgic character and its ability to tell stories. It’s not just stories, it’s the truth. Your jeans tell the story about you. Denim becomes a part of you, a passport with a unique ability to tell the truth.” Visit Tshepo Jeans today and shopyour for your next pair from the team that is passionate about denim. 

Another denim hub you need to check out is Hyde Park Corner’s Denham. Denham tackles denim creating with enthusiasm, ingenuity, and respect for heritage, all while drawing inspiration from the pioneering spirit of the original blue jeans. You and your loved ones may browse for wonderful and fashionable denim items at the Hyde Park Corner store. So why not consult the professionals to achieve the ideal fit? Go to Denham right now. 

Get Your Shirt On 

As you navigate putting together your new or maybe upgraded look, you know shirts maketh the fit. Paul Smith in Hyde Park Corner is one of those -fashion stores for men in Sandton that offer you options on stylish and classy shirts, with other clothing and accessories on offer too. Pop into Paul Smith and give your wardrobe a new look and feel. 

If you are looking for undergarments that are just as aesthetically pleasing as your newfound fashion and perfume preferences, Calvin Klein in Hyde Park Corner is the place to go. Here you can shop for comfort and luxuryyour while getting great value for money and unmatched service. 

Final Stitch 

Whether you are looking for trendy clothing stores, luxurious fashion brands for men, denim, or local designers in Johannesburg, Hyde Park Corner is the place to go. Come experience the beauty and access that our mall has to offer, and give your wardrobe and skin a whole new look. 

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