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MUST HAVES  |  NOV 1, 2022


If you’re looking for creative inspiration and to be enthralled, and entertained, to elevate your artistic expression and take a leap into the cultural side of life, Hyde Park Corner’s got the art for your start. With the finest motion pictures and paintings all in one place, you will be moved to make your own masterpiece. Unlock your spellbinding Speilberg or your picturesque Picasso by feeding your passion at Hyde Park, the corner of creativity. 

Let the Movie Magic move you

Experience the best of what Hollywood has to offer on the big screen and binge the best in entertainment the best way. If you’re looking for a cinema near me, Nu metro has experiences and packages for everyone. Choose from the standard 2D viewing experience that is jam-packed for movie lovers who prefer perfect cinematic stories without the frill. The 3D experience will transcend your viewing pleasure and transport you into the plot in the best way, while the 4DX adds a new meaning to a motion picture by including scents, seat movement, spray, wind, smoke and lightning effects. 

Though if you’re fancy and enjoy the added luxury of leisure with pleasure, Nu Metro offers their Scene Xtreme and Scene VIP experiences which bring boujee to the big screen. With leather recliners and in-show meals prepared by an executive chef, the Scene VIP is the epitome of pristine, while Scene Xtreme promises the best in cinema with the largest screens in the country in 4K Ultra HD and state-of-the-art 3D audio and, of course, leather seats to sink into and enjoy the show. 

Picture perfect 

Let’s set the scene; you are bored at home, wishing there was an art studio to lose yourself in. Have you been looking for an excuse to dust off your beret and browse artistic brilliance, and find artistic inspiration from installations? Well, you’re in luck; Hyde Park Corner is the place for you. 

If you’re looking for an exceptional collection of art made from the heart by local South African creatives, Chérie De Villiers Fine Art Gallery has got you covered. They specialise in fine art, such as paintings and sculptures, for any art enthusiast to marvel at. If you are looking to decorate your home or corporate space with pieces that will transform any area into a masterpiece, this exceptional Art gallery was founded in Johannesburg in 1993, and since then, they have given local artists the platform to showcase their passion projects ranging from paintings to bronze and marble sculptures. Explore the heart of Africa by exploring this fine art gallery today. 

Charles Greig Gallery was founded in 1899 in Johannesburg by its owner and namesake, Mr Charles Greig. Now, more than a century later, his Grandson is carrying the torch of purveyor, owner, designer and artist. This family-owned gallery has received international recognition and attracted audiences and clients from all over the world. Today, what started out as a passion project turned business is now a leader in the luxury goods industry. Selling, curating and engaging with customers and artists to provide the world with the finest trinkets and incredible sculptures and paintings. They are also a big name in the South African art scene as they showcase, organise and commission themed artistic exhibitions to give artists their start to expand on their craft. Find your way to this incredible gallery located at Hyde Park Corner. 

After visiting Scapegoat Gallery, which exhibits an array of magical pieces that are packed with the colourful work of many acclaimed international artists, you'll have no choice but to tap into your inner artist. Kick-art your artwork by popping into PNA for all your artsy supplies.

Final words

Make your next shopping trip a treat for your eyes with some exciting movies and exhibitions at these Hyde Park Corner spots.

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