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One of the latest trends to hit the fashion world is conscious fashion, a trend that the polar bears and rainforests can definitely get behind. 

According to an article published by Geneva Environment Network in 2021, about 10% of human carbon emissions come from the fashion industry, which also depletes water supplies and pollutes rivers and streams. Additionally, 85% of all textiles are disposed of in landfills annually.

Most conscious fashion shoppers have shifted away from fast fashion in its entirety and have built a wardrobe with conscious pieces instead.

It sounds easy enough, but considering building an ethical or sustainable wardrobe from scratch is undeniably intimidating. In addition to spending a little bit more than usual, the possibility of being unable to wear the brands you'd like to and having fewer options exists.

Before making the change, it's essential to understand what exactly conscious fashion is:

What Makes A Customer Conscious? 

A fashion-conscious customer is aware of the drawbacks of buying goods that were not made ethically or sustainably. Someone who carefully evaluates their purchases and intended uses.

For fashion to be conscious, high street brands have an obligation to provide clothing of higher quality and a more timeless style. 

More often than not, fashion is created with only the bottom line in mind. High street brands produce garments in large quantities using subpar artificial textiles, the sizes are frequently exaggerated, and the fits are unsatisfactory.

Conscious Shopping Starts With Knowing The Lingo 

It can be challenging to decipher the language brands use to market their products; terms like ethical, sustainable, fair trade, or slow fashion may be confusing or sound like synonyms. They each mean something different. 

No need to scratch your head, though; familiarise yourself with the lingo before you hit the shops: 

  • Ethical fashion –  the human rights of the individual making the clothing.
  • Sustainable fashion – refers to the social and environmental factors that go into maintaining overall opportunities for future generations.
  • Slow fashion – is a phrase that, according to Professor Kate Fletcher of The London College of Fashion's sustainable fashion centre, refers to the actual article of clothing. Slow fashion has ethical and sustainable components.
  • Fair Trade – stated simply is when the person generating the items gets a fair price for their effort. Working with others is an intentional choice that is influenced by a variety of circumstances. When clothing is produced fairly, it results in a better final product, happier manufacturers, and happy consumers.

What To Consider When Shopping Consciously 

  • Firstly, value and take good care of the things you already have. 
  • Start by organising your wardrobe and taking inventory of your existing wardrobe. Most likely, you already own the item you purchased yesterday and have it stashed at the back of your wardrobe.
  • Choose wisely, shop less, and only invest in items you truly adore.
  • Choose apparel that is long-lasting and of excellent quality. 
  • Pick natural fibres over synthetic ones since they age better and are simpler to mend.
  • Support ethical companies who use materials that deserve more respect and create in small batches with care. Respect for the product permeates every step of the process when it is demonstrated.
  • Purchase used or vintage products to recycle and revitalise items that would otherwise end up in landfills.

Where To Shop Consciously At Hyde Park Corner 

Tshepo Jeans 

Founded in 2015, a bespoke denim house brought to life by Tshepo Mohlala. His passion for denim was first ignited by Takalani, who he describes as a "trendy aunt". A particular visit in which she wore denim head-to-toe sparked the flame that would one day become Tshepo Jeans.

What makes this brand conscious is a range of t-shirts manufactured from recycled cotton and environmentally friendly BBCT-approved denim dyes. 

Visit the store in Hyde Park Corner and shop ready-to-wear denim and accessories in Johannesburg. 

Metropolitan Cosmetics

Find your scent guilt-free at Metropolitain Cosmetics, a fragrance store in Sandton. The brand is both conscious and environmentally friendly, with a host of perfumes and natural scents in recycled bottles. 

Shop cosmetics, skincare, fragrances and more when you visit Hyde Park Corner and ask about the conscious products on offer.


Slip into something a little more luxurious with Alchemy loungewear and athletic wear for women. Their athletic shoes range from recycled materials imported from Brazil – 87% polyester and 13% spandex reducing sweat as you move and workout. Shop a variety of leggings and pants, jumpsuits, knitwear, accessories, and more. 

Bon Ami 

From winter to summer, rain or shine, Bon Ami offers a wide variety of fashion items and accessories. In particular, their jeans are made with a render uniquely processed to be environmentally friendly. Stock up on bottoms, tops, leggings, denim and accessories for every occasion. 


Chale offers a wide variety of sustainable fashion options and accessories for men and women – like statement jewellery pieces and fashionable men's leather jackets in Johannesburg. Choose South African fabrics and scarves made from Thai bamboo trees or Apaka-material, perfect as a gift or for chilly winter mornings. 

Jo Malone 

Shop unique fragrance profiles and luxury bath or body products sustainably produced at Jo Malone. Discover a range of eco-friendly perfumes bottled in recycled bottles infused with ingredients from trees such as the Maratona. From scent-ilating gifts to soothing spoils, visit Jo Malone perfume shop in Johannesburg.


Add a touch of sparkle or vibrant quirk to your look with Lovisa! Discover a range of handmade pieces or choose from a variety of neck pieces made from recycled materials. Hurry to one of the most affordable, on-trend Sandton jewellery shops with handpicked collections for every occasion. 

Final Thoughts 

Shopping and investing in your fashion pieces more consciously may be challenging to start; differentiating between the brands that are actually sustainable and those who claim to be, requires time and research. A great way to shop consciously is to shop locally, which has great environmental and economic benefits. You may also need to shift your shopping habits; instead of buying a brand new Chanel, it'd be more conscious to thrift one. As a consumer, you may contribute through their everyday behaviours as governments, firms, and international organisations seek to find solutions to move the fashion sector in a more sustainable direction. Start small, and before you know it, your wardrobe will be entirely conscious.

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