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Is it that time of the 2-year agreement with your eyes that you get an upgrade? Or are you starting your journey into spectacles? Choosing the right pair can feel like a daunting experience; which specs do you choose, which colour or design, prints or no prints, etc., are some of the questions that will get you a little bit stressed about choosing your next pair. But worry not; Hyde Park Corner has put together this article to give you a sense of what to go for when shopping for your new or next pair. 

Before Choosing Anything, Get Your Script 

To preserve your greatest vision and eye health, you must have an up-to-date prescription regardless of where you purchase your eyeglasses.

It's been too long if you can't even recall the last time you saw your eye doctor, schedule an appointment right now. Consider your eyes in the same manner that you would your teeth or a visit to your family doctor. If you are on the hunt for a new optometrist or need to get your prescription, visit Hyde Park Corner’s The Optical Centre or The Eyecandy Optometrists. Both these optometrists offer a range of services, from eye tests to glasses to contact lenses, as well as much more for you to get a better look and feel of your next pair. 

Honorary Mention, Budget 

If you need to purchase new glasses, the smart thing to do is to come up with your budget before you start shopping. It’s easy to get carried away and fall in love with a pair of glasses you can’t afford, so why not avoid it altogether? If you have a vision plan on your medical aid, check to see if you have frames, lenses, or exams covered as part of your plan. This can make a big difference when it comes to what you can afford! 

Now Find Your Frame

Shopping for a frame can be a bit of a challenge as you have to navigate between choosing what you like and what looks good on your face based on its shape. While we heavily encourage you to choose frames based on your preference, here are some pointers on where to look based on your face’s shape. Remember, these are suggestions and not the eyewear gospel, so use the advice, don’t use the advice. 

  • Round Face: If you have a round face and your forehead is rounded, look for frames that are broader than they are tall to enhance your fuller face. Given that they give structure and make your face appear longer rather than rounder, you could discover that a pair of rectangular spectacles will look the finest on you. 
  • Heart/Diamond Face: Your face will have strong, broad cheekbones and a wider forehead that slants into a smaller chin if it has this form. Look for eyewear that is angled similarly to your face. The most flattering spectacles have circular frames with a top that is broader than the bottom. 
  • Square Face: Your face will be more angular if you have a square face, especially around the jaw. Avoid anything that is square or more angular, and instead, use rounded frames to soften your angles. 
  • Oval Face: If your face is oval, you may wear practically any frame style without any issues. A more symmetrical pair may be the most attractive. To balance them out, they will have a softer, rounder bottom with more structure. 

If you feel your face does not fit any of the descriptions above, then the best thing to do is visit an optometrist and try out a few pairs. 

Something For The Sun 

If you are looking for a pair (or pairs) of sunnies for those warm days when the harsh sun may affect your eyes, then look no further than Sunglass Hut at Hyde Park Corner. Here they offer a range of designer sunglasses with gorgeous frames. Born in 1971, Sunglass Hut started as a small family business running a kiosk in a Miami mall. After 50 years and over 3,000 stores worldwide, they’re celebrating where they’ve been and where they’re going – bringing that same family feel and welcoming spirit as the very first kiosk to their stores today. You can shop different shapes of eyewear for different facial structures, and their friendly staff are always eager to help you choose. Visit Sunglass Hut today and get your next pair of sunnies. 

The Reader’s Readers 

If you need spectacles for those moments when you have to dig into a good book or simply work with a lot of screens, you may want something a little less prescribed and more generic. The Reader at Hyde Park Corner offers a range of reading glasses, from regular readers for when you are chilling at home to sun readers for when you take your reading to the beach or outdoors. The Reader also offers accessories such as eyewear cleaners, cloths, and cords. Come to The Reader today, and get your game face on. 

Final View 

If you have been typing “Eyewear fashion stores in Johannesburg”, “Frame styles in Johannesburg”, “Sunglasses stores in Sandton” or “Optometrists near me”, then your search is over. Hyde Park Corner has a few optometrists that will give you a new set of glasses to compliment whatever fit. 

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