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Air fryers, Crockery, and The Trendiest Kitchen Essentials

NEW  |  JUN 21, 2023


If you are your home’s very own personal chef or have a huge interest in cooking, baking, and creating delicious culinary creations, you might be wondering which tools are currently a need and which ones you can do without in an effort to bring delicious sustenance to those you serve. 

To Air Fry or Not To Air Fry

Air fryers are becoming every cook’s favourite thing, and #FoodTok (Food TikTok) is giving us all FOMO with all the air fryer recipes we should try. If you are wondering whether you should get an air fryer or not, @home is the perfect place for you. Step into the world of @home and discover a treasure trove of stylish kitchen appliances that will not only enhance your cooking experience but also add a touch of sophistication to your kitchen. With their carefully curated collection, @home offers a range of top brands and sleek designs that cater to every culinary need. Come see and shop brands like SMEG, Magimix, Russel Hobbs, and more, which offer you a range of Air fryers, food processors, and many other kitchen appliances that will make your cooking and baking a breeze. From state-of-the-art air fryers to high-performance blenders and stylish coffee machines, @home has it all. Elevate your cooking game with the trendiest appliances in town. 

Kit Your Kitchen In Luxury 

When it comes to giving your kitchen an aesthetic makeover, it may feel like a mission trying to find the right decor essentials that won’t take up too much space and will also give your kitchen the upgrade it deserves. You can shop designer crockery from the likes of the Dior at Hyde Park Corner’s Apsley House and give your dinner party guests a taste of the international runway while you fuse delicious dishes that will make for wholesome moments of enjoyment. 

If you are looking to add some scent to your home or want to zen out while cooking, consider taking a look at their candle range, diffusers, and room scents, and let your home smell like luxury. There are also bathroom essentials like lotions, washes, towels, and more to turn your home into a runway. Visit Apsley if you are looking for a gift, something to spoil yourself with, or want to give your home a little boost of glam. 

When It Comes To Stylish Kitchens, We’ve Got You 

When it comes to finding stylish kitchen appliance shops in Johannesburg, residents of this city will tell you that Le Creuset and Carrol Boyes are your go-to stores. No kitchen is complete without high-quality cookware and bakeware, and Le Creuset is the go-to store for these essentials. Renowned for their iconic enamelled cast iron pots, Le Creuset offers a wide range of stylish and durable products that are built to last. Whether you're a fan of classic Dutch ovens, versatile skillets, or colourful stoneware baking dishes, Le Creuset has the perfect option for every cooking need. Explore their extensive collection and bring a touch of elegance to your kitchen with these timeless pieces. 

When it comes to unique and artistic kitchenware, Carol Boyes is a name that stands out. This store offers a stunning range of handcrafted kitchen essentials that not only serve a practical purpose but also double as pieces of art. From elegantly designed cutlery sets to intricately detailed serving dishes and exquisite glassware, Carol Boyes provides a truly exceptional shopping experience. Elevate your dining table with these beautifully crafted pieces that will impress your guests and add a touch of luxury to your culinary endeavours. Find both these stores at Hyde Park Corner and take your kitchen to the next level. 

Great Cooks Need Rest Too  

When you are looking for bedding, beds, and other sleep essentials, then visit Hyde Park Corner’s Vencasa. With over three decades of in-house experience sourcing premium quality products from the world’s most renowned bed and bedding brands, they now partner with sleep specialists from across the globe and put that experience and expertise to work for the local market. You can rest assured that you will have a great night’s sleep with Vencasa. 

From Smart Home Needs To Cooking Essentials 

Come to Hyde Park Corner to give your kitchen and home the boost it deserves. Your hunt for smart home kitchen appliances and cooking equipment shopping in Johannesburg is now a thing of the past, with Hyde Park Corner by your side. Come shop with us today.

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