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Welcome to Fall/Winter 2017 and to some extraordinary characters. Everyone knows one; those that seem to inspire without trying, are admired without knowing, loved without demand. These types never stray from their chosen style of life, it defines them. They find themselves the talk of everywhere they discover, simply because of the magical inspiration they pose. For Fall/Winter we travel to four different places and through the ages to meet four such Wondrous Wanderers…

Floen by the Sea, Norway, 16:08 September 6th 1948.
Fall begins in Floen, in Norway, with a coastal cool girl who is unknowingly, the much-loved talk of this Nordic village. The colours of the North-Sea – artic, royal, viking blue, and a library of off-whites – inspire her look and the colour shades of our collection. Playful triangular chalet roof-tops throw a colour-burst of tangerine, and candy red in to our mix. Jackets and gilets inspired by blanket stripes –are designer favourites. Nautical inspired details combine with super-soft knits to stay warm against the Nordic chill. As always, we clash key elements– prepare for Nordic-coastal wilderness mixed with a clean, retro-sportwear edge.

Buckietown, Scotland, 4:00 January 3rd 2017.
For our next set of looks, we are inspired by an eccentric set living a decadent life in the highlands of Scotland, a short haul in to the future. A secret, literary club fuelled by endless art and music. Nights go long and blend into days. Silky patterned pyjamas work as stylish fling-ons for both. This fantasy-fused life leads to new pop colours in cashmere knits, silks in brand new brights, ‘wear it all’ sweats with extra embellishment, and high colour faux furs. The big royal clash: classics go to the future. Traditional hunting colours are remixed with new jewel brights. It’s never a quiet life, when the imagination flows free.

Saga Mountain, Western Tibet, 08:45 November 12th, 1950. For our third Fall-Winter 2017 instalment we fall for a romantic rambling couple. Defined by the places and people they meet. Her look is a touch of rock and roll – a true, cool on-the-roader, collecting Tibetian embroideries, studs and leather trims. She layers her styles, combining an alpaca patchwork knit and jacquard lurex pant with our feature piece – a dusty parka with its own sheep gilet. For the world rambler, everywhere is home, for you can never discover too much wild, wandering fun.

Our final wander for Fall-Winter 2017 instalment takes us down the Silk Route to China’s ancient forbidden city. The path takes in layers of oriental inspiration from kimono blooms to rich chino series and luxe fringing. Our muse never does things by halves, and is never afraid of colour when the rest go partyblack. She dances in bright, printed sequin culottes and a kimono-print blouse. Our ‘Silent Fighter’ pieces layer endless, timeless oriental inspiration, reinvented in fun Scotch & Soda silhouettes.

Everyday legends across different places and ages are our inspiration for Fall-Winter 2017. Connected by one thing: The will to wander, by foot, or by mind. Both ways are the best way.

Join us as we go.

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