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When men get together at Hyde Park Corner


Stylish man about town Menzi Mbatha invited a few of his friends to join him for a food and whisky pairing dinner at Hyde Park Corner Shopping Centre, in celebration of father’s day.
Arriving in a super cool Swazi wrap from Naked Ape over his formal trousers and white shirt, Menzi Mbatha set the tone for a really stylish gathering of men only.

Hosted by Whisky Brothers and the Social Kitchen and Bar, the occasion was a father’s day celebration, and an appreciation of all things masculine.

The setting: Hyde Park Corner’s central exhibition area where The Crown Collection, Alfa Romeo, Kisua, Fiat, Vespa and Triumph had all collaborated to create an elegant men’s club-like atmosphere.

We cornered Menzi for some style advice:

The grooming staples you are never without are… Staples? More like rituals. A good old weekly haircut and shave and groomed nails never hurt no body.
Your all-time favourite gadget? With the convergence of multiple technological platforms into a mobile unit, one’s phone becomes a practical choice.
The single object you would never part with? I don’t think there’s a material object that occupies this space in my life.
Your favourite drink? A glass of Sauvignon Blanc
The restaurant you frequent most often? Workshop 55, with Marble coming in as a close second.
Your personal style signifier? Bracelets. I love to wear strings, beads and woven leathers straps.
The last thing you bought and loved? A Swazi wrap around scarf by Naked Ape
Your favourite timepiece and why? An Apple iWatch because it’s not on the Rolex gang’s watch-list.
An unforgettable place you’ve travelled to in the past year? Not a place per say but I recently did a boys’ cruise with my son and really enjoyed being out at sea.
The book on your bedside table? Age of Discovery by Ian Golding and Chris Kutarna
The last meal that truly impressed you? The wholefish Talay from La Boqueria. It’s simply exquisite.
The last music you downloaded? Palafala by Tkzee
The thing you are eyeing next? A holiday, if I can ever afford it, in the midst of a recession.
The one thing you will always find in your fridge? Kotse Gemere organic ginger beer
The best gift you’ve given recently? A collaborated painting between my son’s class-mates, bought on auction.
And the best one you’ve received? My Father’s Day card from my daughter and son was just epic!
The place that inspires you and why? Soweto! It’s where I was born; where I come from. The path I have travelled and a reminder of what our social program is yet to achieve: To uplift the masses.
A recent special find or discovery? Homeopathy has transformed my heath and simplified my lifestyle. It’s my best discovery by a mile.
Your favourite city and why? Shanghai. It’s like New York, just more hospitable.

Photos by Zebraaquare


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