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Men’s Fall-Winter 2017


Welcome to Fall/Winter 2016 and to some extraordinary characters. Everyone knows one; those that seem to inspire without trying, are admired without knowing, loved without demand. These types never stray from their chosen style of life , it defines them. They find themselves the talk of their chosen style of life, it defines them. They find themselves the talk of everywhere they discover, simply because of the magical inspiration they pose. For Fall/Winter we travel to four different places and through the ages to meet four such Wondrous Wanderers…

Floen by the Sea, Norway, 16:08 September 6th 1948.
For this first Scotch remix we turn traditional Nordic themes inside out. Reinventing blanket and fair isle patterning, and redrawing shapes of mountain-scapes for super-bold graphics. Scandi-winter prints are recoloured in pop bright and set against clean coastal shades. The place -and person always in our thought bubble – a small Nordic village and its chief resident – a legendary poet living in the highest floor of the village lighthouse. This artist-in-residence inspires a super soulful line-up of men’s work wear styles. Hi-tech sportswear details like mountaineering zips and clips are the perfect finish fir this old-meets-new Nordic clash

Buckietown, Scotland, 4:00 January 3rd 2017.
For our next set of looks we gate-crash a secret club-house deep in the Scottish Highlands, where a decadent gang lives to learn and party hard. Tartans, tweeds and hounds tooth-checks all look like rebellious cousins of the classics when infused with the colours and patterns of the future. Nights and days blend, so pyjama styling leads the way – with variations on bold striping in royal-club hues. Our designer also re-think luxe Shetland and fair isle; infusing the wool with vivid pop colours. Our club -set dresses the part in varsity jackets together with luxe sweatpants in wool and stain mixes. For underneath, tops which speak to decadent, spontaneous living. This is non-uniform uniform working day through night.


Saga Mountain, Western Tibet, 08:45 November 12th, 1950.
For our third instalment, we meet a nomadic biker couple who live to breathe in more of the worlds natural brilliance. He seeks protection from the elements in the form of windblast -proof outwear, warm up knits and quilting enforced detail. Bolts of cobalt blue and deep ranch red are our lead colours for legendary road trips. Knitwear comes in nomadic blanket patterns and detailing spans every look – pieces get fringing and check shirts longer, owing shapes. A designer favourite sweater in midnight is emblazoned with a blown up oriental-paisley. Detailed, yet easy to wear, the key Scotch ‘clash’ is seventies nomad meets rough, road rebel.


Tinkitam Forest, South-Sikkum, 15:43 October 27th, 1972.
For the last compilation of pieces, our lead wanderer believes ‘more is more’ Nothing is timid; everything is rich and outspoken. From deepest colours all-out oriental opulence in silk blends, high-shine and velour. There are silk bloom and bird applications on evening pieces and a signature oriental print in a dress shirt and glimpsing from inside a cocktail blazer. A deconstructed velvet suit makes dressing-up easy to do. Luxuriously deep tints are fused with vibrant pops – discover these surprises in outwinter-wool accessories, and hand embroidered on a special sweater for day or night.

Everyday legends across different places and ages are our inspiration for Fall-Winter 2016. Connected by one thing: The will to wander, by foot, or by mind. Both ways are the best way.

Join us as we go.

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